Last modified: 14.5.2019

Financial targets

Financial guidance for 2019

  • Total revenue approximately EUR 23 million
  • Operating result approximately 40 per cent of revenue.
  • The fair value of investment properties at the end of 2019 is estimated to be EUR 440–470 million.

The guidance is based on the assumption that, in 2019, the company will not make significant purchases or sales of completed investment properties, and that the market yields used in the valuation of real estate will remain at their current level.

Financial targets 2019 – 2021

Suomen Hoivatilat Oyj has set the following financial targets for 2019–2021:

  • Average annual increase of 30 per cent in revenue
  • Average operating profit at 40 per cent of revenue
  • Equity ratio of at least 30 per cent on average. The equity ratio includes the effect of the IFRS 16 standard as of 1 January 2019.

According to Hoivatilat’s dividend distribution policy, the goal is to distribute at least 50 per cent of the operating profit as dividends every year.