Last modified: 10.9.2018

Dividend policy

The objective of Hoivatilat, in accordance with its dividend distribution policy, is to distribute at least 50% of the operational result as dividends. If the dividend is distributed, all the company’s shares entitle shareholders to receive the same dividend. The EBIT reflects the profitability of the company’s business operations excluding the effect of changes in the fair values of properties. In accordance with its dividend policy, the company’s dividend distribution is based on its EBIT.


2017 2016
Dividend per share, EUR 0,13 0,10
Dividend, EUR million 3,3 2,1
Dividend per operating profit (%) 60,5 % 72,9 %
Effective dividend yield, % 1,6 % 1,3 %
Record date for dividend 29.3.2018 27.2.2017
Dividend payment date 9.4.2018 7.3.2017