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Service community, Oulu

  • Client: Attendo, private individuals from different age groups
  • Type: Service community
  • Location: Oulu
  • Year of Completion: 2017 - 2020

Strength from communality

A new kind of large service community is being constructed in the Metsokangas district of Oulu. The community will comprise of an assisted living building for the disabled, owner-occupied and investment flats, flats for families and seniors, as well as local services. In international studies, communality and encounters between people of different ages have been discovered to prevent the marginalisation of the elderly.

 The service  community that brings together different generations has been designed for nearly 500 residents, and the combined area of all buildings is approximately 13,000 floor square metres. Hoivatilat will develop the service community in Metsokangas in cooperation with the Rakennusliike Lapti Oy construction firm.
– So far, three blocks of flats and the assisted living building for the disabled have already been completed. Currently, the properties that will be completed in 2019–2020 are on the drawing board, Jussi Karjula, CEO of Hoivatilat, explains.

 The service community combines living and services

 Today, living is considered to be a service. It involves a lot more than just the walls around you. Nowadays service providers are expected to offer a variety of services that make daily living easier.

The service community developed by Hoivatilat will address the challenges of tomorrow’s Finland. According to a study conducted by the Aalto University and the hospital districts, one of the most significant reforms in terms of the future will be the development of supported, independent living arrangements for seniors. For this to happen, the ways in which services are provided must be reformed.

The service community being constructed in Metsokangas is in the core of the reforms, since all services one needs daily can be reached even if one uses a walker. In addition, services available for all residents in the area have been planned for the service block.

The Metsokangas community will also include well-being services and several blocks of flats. The area will be home to residents of all ages, from babies to seniors, Karjula says.

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