Children’s homes offer a safe environment for growth

Child welfare units are designed for children who cannot be placed in a family or family home. A safe living environment forms a perfect setting for individual growth.

Osallistava suunnitelu ikoni


Our expertise also covers facilities where safety and trust play a key role. This is indicated in both design and confidentiality.

Terve päiväkoti ikoni


Everyone is entitled to a home. Sometimes, home is away from home. We are proud to use our expertise in projects where an institution needs to look and feel like a home.

Tehokas suunnittelu ikoni


We listen attentively to our customers’ views and wishes. Step by step, we build solutions that offer joy and benefits not only to end users, but also to the entire surrounding community.

Functional solutions without separate investments

An investment-free children’s home allows you to focus on services instead of building.

In the Hoivatilat lifecycle model, customers can either rent or lease their facilities. In addition, Hoivatilat can be responsible for maintenance and servicing as agreed upon with the customer.

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This is how Hoivatilat children’s homes are built


We quickly respond to unexpected needs for children’s homes in growing municipalities by offering facilities without any separate investments.


Each children’s home is unique. Our design processes are based on our experience and the more than 150 solutions we have already built. We dimension facilities in accordance with service needs. We place each children’s home on the plot in the most practical manner as possible.


We monitor the quality of building during design, construction and operating processes, ensuring that the customer receives fully finished facilities on schedule and that they remain in good condition during use.

Hoivatilat - solutions for growth



Hoivatilat operating model includes active ownership of the finished facilities. Hoivatilat bears all the risks associated with property investments and the functionality of the facilities, so the assets normally required to build customer facilities can be allocated to other uses.

Business model


Single turnkey contract

In addition to providing facilities, Hoivatilat takes responsibility for all construction-related contract and permit processes. Hoivatilat leases or buys a plot of land, designs and implements the facilities, and remains an active owner of the completed properties

Lifecycle model


Experience in projects

We have completed more than 200 projects in more than 60 locations. Our experience guarantees that our operating methods are effective. We know what special requirements apply to the construction of care facilities, ranging from permit processes to interior design.

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