Building the School of the Future

The Finnish education system is rapidly reforming. Ecology, flexibility, adaptability and experience are key elements of the school of the future.

Osallistava suunnitelu ikoni

Facilities that support learning following the requirements set in the new curriculum

Teaching comes first – pedagogically designed new learning environments enable flexibility in terms of time, place, learning content and teaching methods.

Terve päiväkoti ikoni

Modular and modifiable, user-based design

Thanks to innovative and participatory modular design, the school can be built in the size and shape needed.

Tehokas suunnittelu ikoni

Sustainable and high-quality school of the future

Elements of a high-quality and ecological school: Energy efficiency, intelligent heating and lighting, flexible and versatile space design, zero-emission and environmentally friendly materials, and intelligent building technology.


Benefits of the School as a Service Model

  • Investment free
  • Outsourcing the real estate risk
  • Accuracy of the construction projects budget
  • Fast implementation with existing concept
  • Wide range of operational services
  • Simplicity: one tender – one agreement – one responsible operator

Functional solutions without separate investments

The investment-free school as a service lease model from Hoivatilat is a convenient and sustainable option for the municipality.

School as a service can be ordered either with a lease model or with different service packages. The school as a service model is always tailored according to customers specifications and needs.

School as a Service Lease Model

Hoivatilat takes care of all aspects of the construction of the school, from the usability of the property and the maintenance services throughout the leasing period. The customer always receives one fixed lease price, which includes the selected services.

  • Contracts and permits
  • Renting or purchasing the land
  • Design and construction of premises
  • Active ownership of a completed property
  • Contractual maintenance services

The customer can subscribe the school with the leasing model or add a range of life-cycle services to the entity, for example:

  • Property maintenance
  • Maintenance of outdoor areas
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Security, etc.

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Hoivatilat Project 0 Conventional Care Facility Project 0

Hoivatilat - solutions for growth



Hoivatilat operating model includes active ownership of the finished facilities. Hoivatilat bears all the risks associated with property investments and the functionality of the facilities, so the assets normally required to build customer facilities can be allocated to other uses.

Business model


Single turnkey contract

In addition to providing facilities, Hoivatilat takes responsibility for all construction-related contract and permit processes. Hoivatilat leases or buys a plot of land, designs and implements the facilities, and remains an active owner of the completed properties

Lifecycle model


Experience in projects

We have completed more than 200 projects in more than 60 locations. Our experience guarantees that our operating methods are effective. We know what special requirements apply to the construction of care facilities, ranging from permit processes to interior design.

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