Service  communities are new types of residential and service hubs that help to resolve challenges in urban planning. They improve day-to-day experiences of residents and enable urban development.  When everyday functions are brought together, social advantages and unexpected synergy benefits are made possible. We find out what wishes different groups have regarding their area, and we promise that we make the most popular wishes come true!

This is how a service community is built

Hoivatilat dream service community is designed in a truly participatory way so that the final service community meets the expectations of each party. The service community can include municipal, regional and governmental as well as private and third-sector services. During the project, all parties interested in the area can influence the building of the urban environment of their dreams.

Hoivatilat identifies the views of those making decisions on the services needed in the specific area.

Hoivatilat contacts people and service providers in the area to identify what services they would like to have in the service community to make their everyday life better.

Hoivatilat brings partners and service providers together, acts as the project manager until the end of the project and remains the responsible owner of the properties built.

Everyday life in a dream service community

Each service community is based on three elements.

Sensible solutions

Elements of a happy life

Something exciting

People and services meet in a dream service community


  1. The municipality has quick access to investment-free facilities.
  2. Partners, together with Hoivatilat, can build innovative and attractive high-quality sites of which all the parties involved can be proud.
  3. Profitable business is supported by cash flow in the area, investment-free facilities, easy reach and the appealing content and reputation of the service community.
  4. For people living in the area and users of services, the community is a communal environment built according to wishes and full of experiences – a safe and good place to live in.

The dream service community combines the latest research, the best examples and trends from around the world. We apply available information with the customer understanding of an expert in property development and present proposals that are ideal for each area.

Hoivatilat - solutions growth



Hoivatilat operating model includes active ownership of the finished facilities. Hoivatilat bears all the risks associated with property investments and the functionality of the facilities, so the assets normally required to build customer facilities can be allocated to other uses.

Business model


Single turnkey contract

In addition to providing facilities, Hoivatilat takes responsibility for all construction-related contract and permit processes. Hoivatilat leases or buys a plot of land, designs and implements the facilities, and remains an active owner of the completed properties

Lifecycle model


Experience in projects

We have completed more than 200 projects in more than 60 locations. Our experience guarantees that our operating methods are effective. We know what special requirements apply to the construction of care facilities, ranging from permit processes to interior design.

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