With Hoivatilat lifecycle model, you can focus on what you do best – we will take care of your property.

The lifecycle model is a property acquisition model, in which the implementing party assumes responsibility for the building, being longer and more extensive than a regular warranty period. The lifecycle model is flexible and ideal for various properties. Hoivatilat lifecycle model includes the ownership and responsible maintenance of the property.  Read more about the Hoivatilat lifecycle model.


The lifecycle model offered by Hoivatilat is a straightforward model for municipalities involving a single agreement and a single party. Municipalities obtain ready-to-use facilities with a single turnkey contract, ranging from design, construction and financing to the maintenance and long-term ownership of the property. The lifecycle model is an easy and hassle-free solution for the property needs of municipalities.

For whom?

The lifecycle model is the most suitable for long-term investment projects in the public sector, for which Hoivatilat can produce added value through its long-term commitment. For example, the lifecycle model is an excellent solution for day-care centres, schools and larger nursing homes. Traditionally, lifecycle projects have been regarded as an ideal model for large projects of more than ten million euros. We offer a solution that is perfect for projects from one million euros upwards. With our experience in more than 150 projects, we are able to provide our customers with ready-made solutions designed for specific purposes. We provide users with long-standing healthy and functional properties by placing special focus on building design, material selections, construction and monitoring.


Projects are implemented following our “Healthy Property” (Terve Kiinteistö) concept, while high-quality material suitable for each purpose and correctly dimensioned building systems are always taken into account in the design process. We ensure a high level of quality by developing and monitoring each project from start to finish using our monitoring organisation. Our customers always obtain ready-to-use facilities in accordance with the schedule and equipment level agreed upon. Our properties include modern building management systems and technological solutions. High-quality and regular servicing and property maintenance in accordance with our maintenance programme ensure that each property remains in good condition, also after the agreement period.



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